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Finding Harmony: The Art of Balancing Relationships - Episode 7

Have you ever felt like a juggler in the circus of life, trying to keep all your relationships aloft while caring for yourself without dropping the ball? Join me, Coleen Myers, as I recount the highs and lows of finding that perfect equilibrium.

Through my own trials as a single mother and the constant push and pull of friendships and romantic endeavors, I've discovered the sheer necessity of setting boundaries and the liberating power of the word "no." This episode isn't just about my story, though; it's about the universal dance of human connection and the grace we find in our missteps along the way.

It's easy to let the hustle of everyday life overshadow the bonds that mean the most to us. That's why I'm peeling back the curtain on the strategies that have helped me maintain and nurture the friendships and relationships that enrich my life. From honest communication to respecting one another's time, we'll unravel the essential elements that keep our connections thriving through every season of life. Whether it's scheduling regular check-ins or simply being there for the big moments, you'll walk away with a blueprint for forging deeper ties with those who matter most.

And for those wondering how to inject a little freshness into your routine? I've got you covered. We're talking about proactive steps to rejuvenate not just your relationships, but your approach to self-care as well. It's about finding that sweet spot where personal needs and the needs of loved ones co-exist in harmony. So, imagine a space where honesty, trust, and shared joy lay the groundwork for the relationships you've always wanted. Now, let's embark on that journey together, as I open the floor to your stories and questions, creating a community where balance isn't just a goal—it's our reality.



Take a second to reset…hit that 'Control, Alt, Delete' as we go on this journey of owning our truth, building on our future, and becoming the best version of ourselves.

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