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The Introduction - Episode 1 - The Striving Butterfly Podcast

This is the introduction to let you know what you can expect from this podcast. Sharing past, present, and vision of the future, the striving butterfly is here to rescue, empower, encourage, and support those healing whilst owning their flaws and preparing to complete the emergence process of opening their wings. 

Hello my names Coleen, welcome to my podcast The Striving Butterfly. I can imagine you’re thinking of another podcast. I was thinking the same and still question what I'm doing but enough is enough. 

I’m challenging myself to step a little bit more out of my comfort zone. 


Take a second to reset…hit that 'Control, Alt, Delete' as we go on this journey of owning our truth, building on our future, and becoming the best version of ourselves.Subscribe, Comment, & download this podcast on your favorite listening platform.Email a question, topic or to share your experience:

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Thanks for listening!


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