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The Ultimate Digital Life Planner Full Overview Guide Reveal & Setup 2021

The Creatively Minded Studios Planner comes with so many tools, here is a quick guided tour. You can customise every page with the set of stickers you receive when you purchase the planner. The stickers come in different sizes, colours, and styles which can easily fit in blank boxes and columns on the page.

All the pages in the planner are hyperlinked making it super easy to navigate around and through the planner. In the index, you'll find a wealth of pages that you can duplicate and use as many times as you'd like. All pages have been organised into sections to make them easy to work through and navigate. You can also reach these sections at the top of each page in the planner.

When setting goals we look back at last year to reflect on what we will and won't do in 2021 to bring clarity and focus. You'll be able to dream and envisage the impossible as work through the goal pages. You can then keep focused by using the monthly goals progress tracker.

You also have the following sections

- Faith

- Spiritual Reflections

- Business

- Productivity and so much more

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The Ultimate Digital Life Planner Full Overview Guide Reveal & Setup:

How To Get Started With Your Ultimate Digital Life Planner 2021 Using Goodnotes 5:

How To Add Stickers To Your Digital Planner Using Goodnotes:

How To Get Started With Your Faith Digital Planner In Goodnotes:

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