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10 Useful Monthly Tips To Have A Great Month

I’m so glad we made it, we’ve done 9 months already and I’m sure many of you thought you’d never make it through especially with the pandemic. Well, you’ve made it, be joyful and give praise. This does not mean you start slipping and sipping on the Henny already, we still have a few more months to go.

Here are some tips to keep you flowing and focused throughout the month

  1. Write a list of everything you want and need to complete this month with dates

  2. Follow up daily on any emails and chase up outstanding queries

  3. Ensure you block out me-time so you can rejuvenate, reflect and appreciate 

  4. Grow your network, online or offline by connecting with people you’d like to establish a relationship with

  5. Check in on family and friends & carry out at least one random act of kindness 

  6. Use a reminder app and notepad to keep track of your task

  7. Try to reflect and release daily by writing a prayer or keeping a journal 

  8. Undertake one form of exercise at least twice a week moving up to three

  9. Book something you can look forward to

  10. Give thanks & praise daily 

I hope this helps you throughout the month 

Do comment and get in touch to let me know how you get on

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